Leaf Stripper Professional two-sided

ERO Leaf Stripper Professional two sided

Standard equipment

Defoliating height: 490 mm, minimum row width of 1.60 m required

  • Parallelogram function

  • Reinforced head

  • Hydraulic width offset (motor/chain adjustment)

  • Breakback protection (forward and in reverse)

  • Manual adjustment of angle between fan and foliage wall


  • Electric tilting on fan

  • Hydraulic tilting on fan

  • Head offset (gooseneck) required for row widths of 1.60 m or more

  • Dismount stand for two-sided defoliator

  • Hydraulic frame with 800 mm stroke with double-acting cylinder

  • Lift frame holder with hydraulic tilting

ERO Leaf Stripper Professional

Hydraulic pre-cutter (Pair)

for partial pruning of lateral shoots and the best defoliation results.

Hydraulic, cutting length: 58 cm